The Miracle Studio

miracle-studio-miracles-happen-white-dove-logoTHE MIRACLE STUDIO is the ‘Home of Maria Elita’s World Famous Crystal Bed .. Where Miracles Happen’!

Situated: 13 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands, Brisbane, Australia.

*Private Sessions with Maria Elita (and other gifted specialists) by Appointment Only.
*Parking available on premises, as well as ample street parking.
*Wheelchair friendly.
*Miracle Events every Wednesday Evening.
*Special Guests visit The Miracle Studio regularly.

(30 minutes from Brisbane City, 20 minutes from Logan City, 35 minutes from Gold Coast)

This special place has been created with purpose and on purpose to assist others ‘Manifest Miracles’ in their lives. We built the Studio knowing we wanted to create a HIGH ENERGY space, where MIRACLES HAPPEN DAILY and like-minded individuals could learn, grow and heal from. With this in mind, we ensured when we were building the Studio, that is was gridded with crystals (yes all walls and ceilings have crystals in them) and we also had the area dowsed and blessed by experts in their field. The Miracle Studio has become a ‘home away from home’ for many spiritualists and for those people seeking inner-healing and wisdom.



The Miracle Studio is the home of Maria Elita’s World Famous Crystal Bed and you will be able to book in for Miracle Coaching and Crystal Bed Sessions with The Miracle Coach. Also you will be invited to attend workshops, seminars and reading nights by some of Australia’s best psychic/medium, spiritual teachers and authors ..

WOW .. Miracles Do Happen at The Miracle Studio!


Manifesting Miracles Coaching and Atlantis Crystal Bed sessions, Meditation Nights, Psychic Development, Master Classes (Personal and Business), Shamanic Circle, Soul Consciousness Classes, Reiki, Crystal Bed Accreditation, Psychic and Mediumship Demonstrations .. and so much more!


Are you looking for a Spiritual Circle that you can attend when you want to. Each Tuesday Evening from 7- 9pm (except school holidays) Maria Elita hosts an inspirational evening of Spiritual Teaching and Meditation. Each week The Miracle Coach reviews a Miraculous Universal Law that will help you Manifest Miracles in your life.

Just $25 – no need to RSVP




June 11 & 12

The Miracle Studio

$385 – (10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday)

Includes Crystal Grid Templates & Starter Kit of Gridding Crystals

(Morning & Afternoon Tea also included)

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a specific grouping of crystals (and other sacred objects) arranged in a special formation that can be used for a particular purpose, as well as harnessing energy. The grid is created with a specific intention and the formation of the crystals amplify the original intention. Ultimately the grid becomes a vortex of energy, assisting in manifestation, healing, prayer, cleansing, charging, clarification .. or whatever the Crystal Grid Keeper wishes to project. Also it’s important to understand that Crystal Gridding is a VERY ANCIENT PROCESS that calls many energy healers, especially those who have an affinity with crystals themselves. So if you have a calling to ATLANTIS or CRYSTALS .. this workshop is for you.

Over the weekend with Maria Elita (Creator of the ATLANTIS CRYSTAL BED – A High Energy Grid itself!) she will offer you the following:

*Learn how to connect, cleanse & charge your CRYSTALS in a more meaningful way

*Discover the process of creating an EFFECTIVE Crystal Grid that is properly programmed and actually works

*Understand the importance of CRYSTAL GRIDS within the home and how to use them in your everyday life

*Find out what SACRED GEOMETRY is calling you right now and why it’s important for you to connect to this ‘high energy’ vibration

*Uncover how Crystal Grids can be used in 1-TO-1 HEALING as well as DISTANT HEALING and CHAKRA ACTIVATION

*Discover PYRAMID GRIDDING and experience the intensity of energy vortexes

*Learn also how to use CRYSTAL GRIDS for LOVE, MONEY, MANIFESTATION, HEART HEALING and so much more ..

If you’d like to enhance your abilities as a Crystal Healer, Energy or Psychic Practitioner or simply connect to Crystal Grids for your own understanding, this ‘high energy’ weekend is perfect.

To book now, simply email today.


The Crystal Bed –
3 Day Atlantis Healers Course

AUGUST 19, 20, 21 – 2016

THE ATLANTIS CRYSTAL HEALERS 3 DAY INTENSIVE COURSE is available for those inspiring individuals who have a calling for energy healing & clearing, manifesting miracles, spiritual practice, personal self-discovery and making their world (and the world) a better place.

You don’t have to be a practicing light-worker to attend this intimate 3 day weekend, as each person will learn and grow from their own personal space. If you are however someone working in the field of personal growth, energy healing and spiritual development .. THE ATLANTIS CRYSTAL HEALERS 3 DAY INTENSIVE COURSE is a perfect boost to your own natural talents and spiritual calling.


“I am forever grateful for Maria providing such an insightful and powerful course.  Doing the Crystal Bed Intensive Course has transformed the thoughts and feelings I once doubted into truly believing who I am.  I have always felt that I had an ability to work with energy even from a young age but just never knew what to do with it.  I strongly encourage those who have ever had the feeling that they are here for more than 9 to 5 work to honor these feelings and to hone your beautiful gifts by attending the Crystal Bed Intensive Course.  Maria and the course have provided me with the information and tools necessary to continue the work on raising energy vibrations that the world desperately requires.  Thank you being the most amazingly enthusiastic and inspiring energy teacher Maria!”  ~ Michael

crystal-bed-pyramid-looking-upYou are invited to attend this 3 Day Intensive Spiritual Course which includes information about:

  • Energy Healing
  • Crystal Knowledge
  • Metaphysical Techniques
  • Atlantean Healing Practices
  • Psychic & Intuition Refinement
  • Basic Reiki Practice
  • Miracle Coaching
  • Manifesting Miracles
  • Atlantis Crystal Bed Therapy and so much more.

Hosted by The Miracle Coach, creator of the world famous ‘Crystal Bed’ Maria Elita, .. this course will not only teach you about these Divine Gifts and Spiritual Experiences, you will also be connected and attuned to the Crystal Bed.

crystal-bed-leaone-1I wanted to sincerely thank you for hosting a truly brilliant workshop over the weekend (3 day crystal bed healing intensive).  It well and truly exceeded my expectations and I’m so grateful for your advice, guidance and insight all of which have helped me better understand myself and others, and has further opened me up to my potential.  The personal experiences I had (meditation and healing) were profound and have brought me a deep sense of peace.  The course was delivered professionally yet had a relaxed and fun feel to it.  The information you shared resonated with my own truth and the processes and ‘real life’ scenarios added real depth and value.  The workshop format was transparent, yet spontaneous and doing the theory first not only helped to cement the learning but also encouraged each student to feel comfortable and prepared before they started healing others.  The little extras throughout the course were thoughtful, heart-warming and so appreciated. This course has inspired me, given me new-found confidence and I’m excited to take the next step in my role as a healer. 

For this I am truly grateful. – Amanda

Please book in advance to secure your place,



crystal-bed-chakraBrisbane: August 19, 20, 21
(Friday to Sunday)
@ Miracle Studio, 13 Woodlands Drive, Thornlands.

(Please note: This course is ONLY held at The Miracle Studio as The Atlantis Crystal Bed no longer tours)

Investment for this 3 DAY INTENSIVE COURSE is $1550 (*or from $1000, see below).

Non-refundable deposit of $350 to be paid to confirm your place. Payment Plan can be arranged – please contact us for information on this. Payments accepted by Direct Deposit only or credit card.

PLEASE NOTE*:  If you already have a Crystal Bed Mat and do not require another one, please take off $200 (course will be $1350). If you already have had an Extended Private Session face-to-face with ME, please take off a further $350 (course will be reduced to $1000).light-crystal-bed-panorama-view


Book Now, email


Full Course Participation Includes:

  • 3 Full Course Days 9am – 5pm with Maria Elita
  • Crystal Bed Meditation Mat (valued at $197)
  • Maria Elita’s ‘Manifesting Miracles’ Online Course (valued at $97)
  • Private Session with Maria Elita to be taken week before course if you are not an existing client. (You cannot be certified unless you have a private session with ME) (valued at $350)
  • Selected Crystals
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea provided

 Book Now, email


Email for more details!

Who is Maria Elita?

Maria Elita is THE MIRACLE COACH and is passionate about Making Miracles Happen!

The Miracle Coach is an internationally published author (The Miracle, Observations of a Life Coached by Spirit, The Naked Entrepreneur, The Atlantis Oracle), the creator of the World Famous’ Atlantis Crystal Bed, and a REALLY passionate person when it comes to ‘Life Transformation & Manifesting Miracles’. She has also been a regular media personality on radio, magazines, social media and television .. and appeared on Channel 7’s THE ONE!

Maria Elita has been a professional Life, Business and Spiritual Coach for over a decade, and her world-wide clientele range from Entrepreneurs, Celebrities & Company Executives .. to everyday people wishing to be extra-ordinary!

“Maria Elita’s Miracle Mission is to help
1,000,000 people believe in Miracles again”

What are people saying about The Miracle Coach:

“Maria Elita is .. a Real-Life Wonder Woman!”
“An Incredible Teacher”
“You will be Amazed”
“She delivers the Raw Honest Truth”
“Maria Elita makes it Real”
“A Master at Helping People Surrender their Fears”
“Great Inspiration”
“Down To Earth”
“Insightful & Directly Honest”
“Magnificent Healer for the Mind and Soul”

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