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 ..  Well here’s a small selection for you, from hundreds of thank you’s we constantly receive!

maria-media-picMaria Elita is an enigma.  The response to her work has been a consistent WOW!  People respond to her… on a soul level they just can’t help it. Leela J Williams Editor in Chief – The Spirit Guide.

Maria Elita is the most positive Whirlwind the world has ever seen. Forget “The Secret”, forget Anthony Robbins, you will be amazed how much wisdom Maria has accumulated into her youthful life. I have read just about every self-help book on the planet, but no-one has inspired me, or assisted me on my path to true happiness more than Maria Elita! Maria – you rock – and you are about to rock the world! Paul S – Executive General Manager.  Australian Institute of Management “Young Manager of the Year” Award winner 2003 & ‘Management of Excellence’ Award winner 2009.

Maria Elita is an incredible teacher…she is compassionate and courageous and her life is devoted to living fearlessly. She is one teacher who is truly able to transform lives – just as she will transform yours. Lucy Cavendish – Best Selling HAYHOUSE Author

Maria Elita – has taken spirituality out of the incense bag and delivers the raw honest truth which will bring you out of the darkness and into your own light….exceptional!!!  Charmaine Wilson -Winner of Channel 7’s ‘The One’ TV Show – 1st Series, Best Selling Author & Australian Psychic of the Year

Maria Elita makes it real!  She is accessible to the masses and is a relatable and highly likeable personality. She genuinely cares for people and I think this is the most critical component to her important work. Michael Dayes, Australian Ski Racing, National Team Coach & Leading Life Coach

I believe she truly is a Master at helping people surrender their fears as they regain their passion back to create remarkable opportunities that produce incredible success.  She has been a key factor is helping me understand the importance of True Wealth and how to manifest it on every level. Business Development Manager: Queensland Training Organisation

miracles-happenThrough easily revealing her own life’s challenges and failures – not just successes – Maria Elita is a refreshing inspirational speaker, amongst the world of hyped up motivational speakers saturating the speaking market. Anonymous CEO, Australia

Maria was a great inspiration to both the Management Team and myself as it was not just a motivational speech that everyone forgets two days later, it was a true from the heart experience that will last forever.  We still have people quoting her some 4 months on! This was a unique experience of someone telling a real life failure and what went wrong!  This is a session of how not to do things and how to bring the best out within yourself!  Managing Director – Major Independent Hotel Operator Australia

Maria Elita is the most down to earth, honest, passionate, liberated spiritual teacher I have ever had the honour of meeting! She’s like a golden light in an otherwise dark room.  I trust her unconditionally – and love her equally as much. Oozing honesty from every pore, Maria Elita speaks with candid truth. She’s a woman rich with experience; a wise one or ‘elder’ – which is the greatest compliment I could ever offer someone in her field.  She presents her spirituality with tangible honesty. Not someone to ‘blow smoke up your arse’ or mince her words, Maria Elita is pure, true and deliberate in her approach. The fact that she is able to stand up in front of a crowd and lay her soul bare is breathtaking, I only wish there were more spiritual teachers out there who were able to present their craft with as much honesty as ‘our’ Maria. The world would indeed be a better place.  Scott Alexander King – Best Selling Spiritual Author

Maria Elita was a guest on my Radio Show. She has an amazing ability to connect with the truth and walk the path with dignity, poise and awareness!  Jonathan Hart, Media Personality – Australia

Maria Elita is an exceptional Miracle Coach who has the remarkable ability to see the Truth in people. She is not only insightful, but very directly honest. Maria Elita offers clarity when we can’t see it and I believe she is an extraordinary woman with what it is she does. I have recommended others to see her and know they too find her abilities beyond wow!  Simon Kerle, Former Captain – Brisbane Bullets

i-love-meMaria, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your words of encouragement (after ‘The Naked Business’ corporate presentation you delivered recently).  What has really stuck in my mind is when you spoke about ‘being too much in our head space instead of being in our heart space’.  This spoke to me on a spiritual level and you have re-ignited a fire that use to burn within in me which has allowed my passion for customer service to re-surface.  Being trapped in that head space made me stale, unhappy and not willing to want or care for change.  It had placed an enormous pressure on my home life and my work.  Since hearing you speak I’ve made some decisions that I believe will enhance the quality of my home life and also my career. Thank you for your words of wisdom Maria and take care along your journey helping others!  Michael Matthews – QLD Business Manager

Maria Elita exists for a soul purpose – to align each one of us to our personal Truth. She achieves this with her razor-sharp wit, original insights and a lovely, luscious, fluffy pink feather.   Anita Revel, author of The Goddess Diet

Maria Elita is an effervescent and refreshing personality.  Her sense of humour and dedication to her work has inspired many on their road to understanding.  Maria is natural and always herself with no pretence at all.  That’s what we love about her. “Observations” is a wonderful book to look at life and can be enjoyed by everyone.  It is wonderful to see Maria’s honest approach to her own life lessons and can inspire others to move on no matter what challenge is there.  For there is no better teacher than one who has already experienced the very lessons they are teaching others to move beyond.  Maria Elita is that special teacher! Sue Hasanjee – Spiritual Columnist, Insight Magazine.


me phone 2012 336Thank YOU Maria for the blessing who you are and for touching my life in this moment. F. Patton. Australia

Maria Elita is simply amazing!! Her insights and guidance have helped me tremendously in redefining myself and finding a new path in life which is my true life’s purpose. I would have never imagined achieving so much and turning my life in the right direction without her generous help. The Mastermind Miracles Weekend exceeded all my expectations and I’m so grateful that I made the right decision to be guided by Maria Elita. My life is forever changed!! With Love and Appreciation, Huddson Lee.

Hi Maria … I tuned into 4BC tonight on my computer and watched the (radio) show live and it was the best hour I’ve had in ages … Well done and I look forward to seeing you again.
I have just finished your book (The Miracle), FantasticLynda, Australia

I have seen you on Channel 10 on The Morning Show with David & Kim.  I have seen The Miracle book in David’s hands and I immediately contacted Dymocks, main store in Sydney. Two hours later I got the book.  The next morning, I have finished it. I cannot describe the effect The Miracle had on me. Although, our circumstances are very different, I definitely found myself in your story.  I could relate to every emotion you described in your book. The struggle between being who you are and who you meant to be and the unrealistic being stuck in an imaginative unrealistic fairy tale, we make up for ourselves and play it for the other people around.  Your talking about Surrender is amazing. The most toughing sentence for me was  in p. 122 :  “We all want to have the feeling of success, yet the truth is that when we “fail”, like most of us do, then we ultimately have the greatest opportunity to embrace a success beyond limitations; it is the success of surrender.” This says it all in a nutshell.   Nira, Australia

I read ‘The Naked Entrepreneur’ two days ago … I bought the book because it just sort of jumped out of the bookshelf at me. Your words have taught me that I must face my fears and that has helped me significantly … I am excited by what is ahead.
G.C Queensland.

I heard about your via a beautiful friend of mine who knows I have been going through a tough time and after seeing you on Channel 10, she rang me and told me about you and your book. I am so happy I found you! Right now I could do with a miracle.
Sue, Maroochydore

I just wanted to say thank you to you Maria!  Thank you for writing down your story, and thank you to your publisher for printing it.  I was lucky enough to see you at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival and through where I am studying I got hold of your Miracle book. I found strength in reading your story. After 5 years I have decided to come off my medication (the right way).  I’m ready within myself to try and I know I am fully capable.  I think I just needed to read your story.  I’m finally off the rollercoaster that was my life and am now ready to try lots and lots of different rides and actually feel them. Thank you for allowing my inner strength to show me the way.  Amanda, Brisbane.

1_62_69325_NakedH.inddI bought ‘The Naked Entrepreneur’ a few weeks ago and just wanted to send a quick thank you.  What I learned in that book has really helped me to stop worrying about things that just seem so trivial now. … After reading the Naked Entrepreneur I realise that I just have to let go and trust that it will happen at the right time, and to stop worrying and trying to force things to happen.  G.M, Australia

Maria Elita is a magnificent healer both for the mind and the soul; she offers an amazing experience and one I believe we all should have. Ursula Morris, Brisbane

Recently I had a Soul Coaching with Maria Elita.  Other than my name, Maria knew absolutely nothing about me. When I first went in to see her, she looked at me for a few seconds and said, “You’re shattered.  We’ve got to put you back together again.” I was stunned. That was exactly how I felt.  How did she know that? Maria’s insight and emotional connection defies belief. What an amazing and gifted woman. After just two sessions with Maria I now feel whole again and am healing. God bless you Maria. You really have worked a miracle in my life.  Karl, Morayfield

Maria Elita is an inspirational healer, who graciously shares her knowledge and energy with the world through her books, her powerful insights and healing work. What is most striking about her is her heartfelt, open and refreshingly honest attitude and her delight in helping to empower others and inspire us to improve our lives and in doing so, our world. I feel that she is a much needed positive influence in a world that needs such guidance and healing. Maria is most definitely a suitable candidate to appear on shows such as ‘OPRAH’ as she has such a unique and encouraging personal story of overcoming challenges and could bring great inspiration to those who may need it, especially now, as the U.S. and many other countries are in times of great change and really need positive role models to help them keep their faith and hope in the future. Virginia, Auckland, New Zealand.

I have recently had the privilege of having some Miracle Coaching sessions with Maria.  Maria’s insight about me was stunning – her advice was spot on and practical and has caused a real shift inside me. It was exactly what I needed at this stage of my journey of discovering my real self and the path I am meant to follow.  After both sessions strangers were commenting on how peaceful and radiant I appeared.   Thank you Maria – you really are a miracle worker. Mandi, Morayfield

In a private Moul Coaching session, Maria Elita could “see” what possibilities were offered to me & I left thinking that some healing was happening inside of me. I just want to say that since meeting Maria Elita, I have changed my mind about things I never believed in before.   Emmanuelle, Sydney

When I decided to embark on my spiritual journey to discover the true me, I chose to fly to Brisbane from Europe especially to see the wonderful Maria Elita.  For 10 days I indulged myself with mind, body and soul sessions and felt secure and fantastic in the care of Maria Elita and her team.  It was absolutely worth the long journey to experience Maria Elita’s unique and fabulous abilities…she truly helped get me in contact with my true self. I felt it was an indepth experience of self-discovery that has shifted my perspective and my world. It was the most valuable experience and opportunity of my life.  Thank you Maria Elita, you are the Wonder Woman! Love and Enlightenment, PH, Belgium

miracle-studio-crystal-bed-kapow-closeFrom the moment I entered Maria Elita’s Studio I knew it was going to be an experience like no other. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who is able to do what Maria Elita does and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity.  I believe she has a fabulous connection with the Universe and she is a healer of a very high level.  Once you are with Maria Elita, your soul seems to open up to her and speak. Since Maria Elita is so strong in tuning in, I started to process things much quicker and was immediately shown blockages in my life.  I am much more at ease with who I am and I feel much better about myself.   I have more energy and feel I am much stronger than before I had the experience with Maria Elita.  I highly recommend an experience with her if you are someone who would like to come in connection with yourself very quickly and want to be steered in a purposeful direction.    I believe Maria Elita can really help you get closer to YOU and I feel blessed that my path crossed with hers. Maria Elita, You are a Miracle! Love AK, The Netherlands

I have just read Maria’s book “The Miracle” and could not put it down. It was very strange to read things in that book that have directly related to my own personal experience even down to the fact of her personal wants out of life. I believe meeting Maria Elita helped me get through the next phase of my life, steer me in the right direction so to speak. I was in her Studio and it was awesome!
Merle, Queensland

Most recently I heard Maria Elita at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Brisbane.  You had me almost in tears listening to you talk about Miracles and the Surrender Journal. I also read Spheres magazine (love your articles by the way).   Love and Light Tanya, Dalby

I was lucky enough to listen to you speak at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in Brisbane. I drove, on my own, for nearly 2 hours to get there.  I have been searching for answers in my life for a few years and I found you. Thank You for being you.  Gabrielle, QLD

Could you give a BIG THANKYOU to Maria Elita for me.  She has an amazing way to uplift people like myself and shift our energy to a more positive way of life/thinking.  Laurenza, NSW

I saw Maria Elita at the Melbourne Mind, Body, Spirit exhibition. Her messages resonate well with me and assists me on my path. Sian, Melbourne

I just read the Maria Elita’s Miracle book in one morning.  I never have done that before.  I really enjoyed it. Thank you! Anne, NSW

I had not heard of you or your amazing book until I attended the Mind Body & Spirit Expo at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  I was drawn to the stand at which you were signing copies of your book – I felt like I was reading my own life story.  I see that the light I was just starting to see is shining a lot brighter for me now, after all you came through beautifully and with 3 young children. You are an inspiration to someone in almost the same situation.  Thank you again for your inspiration! Tracey, Victoria

I saw your seminar and got your book The Miracle.  Thank you for being so nice to me, you were very kind and made me feel really comfortable.  Amanda, Melbourne

I have just finished your book and there are many parallels with your story and my story. Your book has inspired me to write and start on my book about what has happened to me and how what’s happened may serve other people in their journey towards conscious living, living in love and light.  My intention is to connect people with their heart and show then how to live a magical life following your heart.  So thank-you for your book, for the answer and the inspiration to write. Ben, Australia

On Monday I was feeling flat for the first time in ages, due to a “message” I was given that I was struggling with. I took my son to kinder and decided to come home and meditate and change my mood. I walked to the letterbox and there was a parcel inside. I opened it to find your beautiful book (The Miracle), with the beautiful message you had written. I felt instantly uplifted and thanked my angels for sending it to me, on a day I really needed it. I have just finished it and wanted to say thank you to you, I loved it. It was a miracle in itself, everything about it, it will assist me greatly on my next leg of my journey.  Much love and thanks to you. Lyndall, Australia

I would like to thank you for your Miracle Seminar.  I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Yvette, NSW

Maria Elita has helped me to remember… to walk with LOVE and PASSION with everything I do, see, hear, touch and smell.  Has this experience (with Maria Elita) changed my life?  Damn sure it has. My being has just begun its spiritual journey.   So Maria I am grateful for the Creator for designing you and all your natural abilities because from it the birth of the Crystal bed was born with it you have ignited my being to its rightful path.   With Infinite and Eternal,  Love Chontae, New Zealand

I had a Moul Coaching session with Maria Elita; I went there initially feeling very energy depleted & needing a lot of soul nurturing. When I entered your healing room I instantly felt like I had a pair of giant arms wrapped around me & I could instantly feel my energy changing. Maria Elita’s love & guidance throughout the session made this experience one of my most memorable! When I left I felt a huge shift in myself & I felt that things were going to move in a much more positive way. Love & Light  Lynda. Australia

I am one of those very lucky people who have had private Moul Coaching sessions with Maria Elita, as well as seen her speak, read her books, perused her site with excitement, attended her guided meditations and taken the weekend course on ‘Manifesting Miracles’. What a weekend it turned out to be. I now call it “ME – The accelerated course on spiritual development and self esteem”.  As a bonus, I was able to manifest several of my “miracles” throughout the following two years. Maria Elita is amazing: energetic, charismatic, cheeky, thoughtful, compassionate, sensitive and above all, a Master Spiritual Teacher! Marianne, Brisbane

keep-calm-and-believe-in-miraclesI believe that the universe provides, and it did in the way of Maria Elita. When her meditation evenings came along they were a ‘must-do’.  Thus meeting Maria Elita for the first time,  wow what a refreshing evening!  She is straight to the point and no holds barred.  Maria Elita was speaking my language and she was not so different from the people I know, I could relate.  All this made her message easier to absorb.  The books were enlightening especially with ‘Observations of a Life Coached by Spirit’ providing enduring insights into life and a beautiful person. With the tools provided through Maria Elita, and that power; the ability to change my life for the better is now all mine. Thank you. Sheryl – Brisbane

I went to visit Maria Elita when I felt like I had nowhere to go, no direction. I first saw Maria speaking at a spiritual show and was so incredibly moved and empowered by what she said. Her book (The Miracle) was the most moving and soul filling book I have ever read! When I read her book, instantly I gained self confidence and started to lift my head high as I knew I would get through this struggle in my life. I then decided to go for my own personal Soul Coaching session with Maria Elita. Within my own session Maria guided me and gave me the options and direction in my life in which I can take. Since I have spoken with her I have gained my confidence back, have the energy I used to have and I know also stand up and use my words to say what I believe in and how I feel. Words just simply cannot express how much Maria Elita has done for my soul and my life. Thank you! Elle Brisbane Australia

Maria Elita, I personally think that you are a gem! You have helped to turn my frown upside down. When I was feeling bad, you helped me so much, by teaching me simple strategies to help deal with those negative emotions that can pull you down so far. Now, I am learning to recognize, and own those feelings and how to overcome them. It’s kind of like strengthening exercises for the soul, so I can shine like a star.  Megan – Australia

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You to you. Maria Elita, you are an amazingly talented and beautiful person! What I love most about you is that you are so down to earth and have such a wicked sense of humour. You have been a gentle but strong guiding light and for that I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. I wish you nothing but love and support!  Natasha G, Queensland

I would like to congratulate you on all the work you are doing for spiritual and non spiritual people around the world.  It takes people like you to help awaken us to the true person we really are.  I purchased your “The Miracle Year” e-book – this has helped me to further develop the skills that everyone has within, to look at life and myself differently and more loving. It seems that a lot of people have to hit rock bottom before climbing back up better than before, but with your “The Miracle Year” book, we don’t have to get down.  By applying each week the lesson you have written from your own experience, we can make our lives feel fulfilled and joyful.  May light-workers find their way to your courses and books when in need.  Keep up the fantastic work! Gaybrielle Australia

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and sharing with me your story.  I was blessed to have met you and have learnt so much from you. My Soul Coaching sessions with you were amazing!  You picked up on my anger which I had been struggling with for months. When the session had finished, I was just floating and the heavy feeling in my chest had left. I was lucky enough (I know luck didn’t really play a part) to go to your “Miracle Makeover” seminar.  I was reluctant at first but since that weekend, things have opened up and I now feel that I am ready to go on my own journey. You have allowed me to open so many doors. Maria Elita, your bright, bubbly, pink (Loud) self is just so comforting to be around. Kerryn QLD

I first met Maria Elita when I began a journey I didn’t really know I was taking; then I attended her Manifesting Miracles weekend workshop.   I walked in her studio just an ordinary person and left as a Miracle! Maria took me places I never thought existed, and showed me who I am in the most powerful and beautiful way.  To me Maria Elita is many things:  a Mentor / Teacher / Friend and a Miracle Manu factor.  Maria showed me that I am a Master Miracle!!  So if you are ever thinking about going to see Maria, please do as it will be the best gift you could ever give yourself!! Nikky Australia

I first met Maria Elita in late 2007. Even though she knew nothing about me, within seconds she identified a strong soul urge within me that I had been repressing under a load of self-doubt and fear. Her acknowledgement and encouragement allowed me to open up to this aspect of myself. I experienced tears of gratitude then and still feel grateful for her loving encouragement to this day. Maria Elita not only believes in miracles, she creates them, and inspires other to do the same! Yvonne NSW

do you believe in miracles frontMaria Elita, I would like to let you know that the work you do is necessary in these uncertain times. Your teachings are really a blessing but it takes many people like you to help the universal condition. People are so out of balance that this is a perfect time for you to send your message to the world and in particular the USA. I know from experience you have helped me enormously to realize what is important and to take action to help others and to send love to every situation to help it heal. Your book The Miracle was soul searching and very honest which makes it easier for people to relate to. Your book also makes people realize that there is hope for everyone! Lisa Fischer.  W.A.

Maria Elita, I just wanted to give you a great big THANKYOU!  I saw you in July of this year for a Soul Coaching session and it was amazing, and truly healing in so many aspects – physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually.  You were so spot on with everything you picked up with me during the healing session as well.  I feel I have been renewed in my spirit. Your work on this Planet is truly amazing, bless you for all the love that you continue to spread throughout the world. Maureen Perry, Victoria

My first introduction into the world of Maria Elita came through reading my much loved ‘Spheres’- The Spirit Guide Magazine. Articles that she has written have resonated with and saw me enter the realm of cyber space for the first time. On receiving my beautiful computer at the end of last year, Maria was the first person that I made contact with, entering her empowering web site; taking me on a journey through self discovery. Maria Elita has continued to send me her e-newsletters, always magical, always positive. She has enlightened me with her miracles, her healing words of encouragement and I began to trust my intuition, letting go of my fears and finding me again. Awakening my true self and remembering my love for writing and painting still exists within me.  No matter the obstacles that are in front of us, our true selves can never be ignored. Allow yourselves to emerge like a butterfly with new wings to fly.  Thank you Maria! Nicole Wood, New South Wales

Wow! Maria has been so helpful to me on my spiritual journey. I am forever grateful to her. Everybody can benefit from a Moul Coaching Session with Maria Elita, no matter where you are in life.  Jules, Brisbane.

One of the crystals I have relied on heavily over the years is rose quartz. Its energy heals the physical and emotional heart. I was experiencing a very emotionally painful day last week when I received an envelope in the mail from Maria Elita. Inside was a small piece of rose quartz! This remarkable intuitive healer knows neither myself nor my story, yet somehow she knew what to send and when to send it. Through her, I felt so blessed. I am going to make it into a pendant and will always wear it close to my heart in honour of a very special lady who took the time to remind me that I am never alone and I am always surrounded by universal love. Victoria Redcliffe QLD

I must say that your book The Miracle was an inspiration to me and I love the Crystal Bed! I will never forget how the angels perched on my shoulders under the umbrella while urging me to hurry to my Soul Coaching session with you. Ann Brisbane

I absolutely enjoyed reading your book and got so much out of it and feel so inspired. I have passed the book on to my best friend as it (The Miracle) was one of the best reads I have had. I would put it amongst my top books. This is a book that needs to be shared.   Noelle, New South Wales

I first meet Maria at the Sydney Mind Body and Spirit Expo. I found her to be delightful and inspiring.  I read her book The Miracle and connected to her words as I too have been to the depths of despair and wanted to end the pain from experiences in my life. I have turned my life around and have found my true soul path and Maria Elita was very much a part of my journey. Maria’s meditations and spiritual practice are wonderful and I often recite the blessing I received from her a year ago to buying my dream home in Sydney.  I used this as my mantra and one year on I have brought and been living in that dream home for 8 months and my life is amazing. I am very grateful to her for her time and passion.  I would recommend anyone to Maria Elita as her compassion and dedication to society is beautiful. Roslyn Clarkson Sydney

I always look forward to receiving Maria Elita’s Miracle Insight emails.  No matter what the message, your words of wisdom always provide me with inspiration + positive energy!  Many thanks………Keep going with your amazing work Maria…….you make a difference!! Samantha, Melbourne

I love receiving your regular Soul Coaching emails!  They really do help lift me up on so many down days we all go through.  The inspirational thoughts you add to each letter really does work and brightens up my day.  You give us all a lot to be grateful for and I look forward all the time to having the wisdom and love that comes from the information.   Maria Elita please keep imparting your wonderful information to us all! We need this in the world right now. Val Bounds Australia

Thank you so so much for allowing me to have the opportunity to attend your Mastermind Miracles course this weekend. It was an amazing experience and I know that I have many exciting times ahead S.C  Brisbane

Maria, just want to thank you for the inspiration and love you send out to everyone … In love, light and blessings.  Debbie

You are so down to earth … I love that we can be abundant, rich and spiritual, and loving all at once. Yes, it is a very profound statement, and because of people like you, I have been able to grow and flourish in the art of my dreams. Thank you!  N. Wood. Artist, Australia

Maria Elita has helped thousands of people across the planet … and wants to help you!