the crystal bed big pixelWhat is The Atlantean Crystal Bed?

The Atlantean Crystal Bed is simply .. a one-of-a-kind energetic experience .. that has been created with the intention of Energy Healing, Karmic Clearing and Manifesting Miracles (meaning, invoking Something Wonderful).

The Crystal Bed’s experience is unique to all individuals,  and will offer you an opportunity to unwind, destress and relax, while feeling recharged and reconnected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Crystal Bed has attracted all types of clientele; from spiritualists wanting a deeply soulful experience, to entrepreneurs and celebrities who desire to learn how to master their mind and ‘switch off’ the craziness of their brains, to everyday people wanting to feel clear, rejuvenated and let go of the heavy energy and burdens that surrounds them.

In booking a session with ME, I offer you the opportunity for clearing, clarity and connection (to your true self) while you relax and surrender the stresses of your life on The Crystal Bed .. and this is the most important aspect of the session, which is held at THE MIRACLE STUDIO in Brisbane.

Often the feedback from people who have had this experience is; ‘I feel so much lighter and clearer, in my body and mind .. it’s nothing like I’ve experienced before!’

Atlantis-Oracle-Front-Box-SmallSo how did The Atlantean Crystal Bed come to life?

Over a decade ago as I went through my own period of Miraculous Life Transformation (I’d suggest you read THE MIRACLE for the story), I was inundated with visions and dreams of what looked like an ‘Ancient Energy Altar’. At the same time I had immersed myself in everything metaphysical, and studied everything I could to do with metaphysics, spirituality and energy practices .. for my own self-healing.  I also studied psychotherapy and became a Reiki Master .. then commissioned an Artisan to bring my profound visions into reality.

And YES, it felt quite odd to commit to creating The Crystal Bed (at first) as I had come from a corporate and grounded background, but it was one of those experiences that stalked ME, day and night, and there was no way I was not going to do it.  I am now so grateful I did because there have been hundreds if not thousands of people who have experienced the power of The Crystal Bed, and understand the abilities of this Ancient (Atlantean) Gift in this modern world.

crystal be ulysses largeSo what does The Crystal Bed offer?

This World Famous Energy tool offers a unique experience of clearing heavy energy around you, to promote clarity and purposeful connection in your life.

Many people have remarked that The Atlantean Crystal Bed Experience has given them the following experiences, where they ..

  • Feel lighter and clearer in body and mind.
  • Have a sense of ‘letting go’ of past experiences that have been holding them back.
  • Are able to quieten their mind from overwhelm and over activity.
  • Really feel a sense of Surrender of their fears and control.
  • Can deal with life better because the heavy energy around them has shifted.
  • Just feel so much more stronger and able to go forward in the world.
  • Connect to their spirituality through their own soulful processes.
  • Remember truths (even past lives) about themselves that have been hidden away.
  • Can master their mind to create and manifest the life they truly desire.
  • Have an experience that their mind may not comprehend, but their spirit relishes in.

miracle-studio-miracles-happen-white-dove-logoNo matter what your experience, there is always some effect on an energetic level that then creates a transformation effect in your life.

Part of the process is a vibrational energy experience (similar to Reiki – hands on healing, but more powerful), intuitive analysis, crystal therapy, sound therapy, meditation, purposeful future integration, intentional visualization, and auto-suggestive positive reinforcement.

Facts about The Crystal Bed:

  • 46 Crystal Shards have been symmetrically placed on the top exterior of the Altar, creating a high energy grid.
  • Each corner holds the energy of Rose Quartz (The Love Stone), with the intention of connecting to self-love/healing.
  • Channeled symbols have been carved into the sides of the Bed, representing healing, love, spirit & eternity.
  • The top surface of the Altar holds specially selected pieces of granite where the person lies upon (to amplify the energy of the crystals).
  • The actual Bed is hollow yet contains crystals within the interior of its heeble and granite surroundings.
  • Hundreds of people from all around the world have experienced the unique energy of The Crystal Bed.
  • Most people who are called to experience The Crystal Bed, remember having seeing the bed in visions themselves.
  • Although the Bed is not an ancient artifact, it does however hold Ancient Energy and clients often connect to what they feel is Atlantean (it depends on the spiritual development of the person).
  • Everyday people, to Entrepreneurs and Celebrities have experienced The Crystal Bed for all sorts of reasons.
  • The Crystal Bed resides at THE MIRACLE STUDIO when not on tour!

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and how you can experience this today .. please visit ME SERVICES and email

Book_Now_ButtonPrivate Sessions are held at THE MIRACLE STUDIO, Thornlands Brisbane

So what is your investment:

INITIAL SESSION with ME: 2.5 hours – $385

Includes Miracle Coaching, Crystal Bed Experience, BONUS Online Miracle Coaching Program (valued at $97)


The advice and coaching direction given by Maria Elita is done so with the utmost compassion, care and support, however must be taken as ‘GENERAL GUIDANCE’ only. Maria Elita is NOT a doctor, professional medical practitioner, legal financial adviser, psychologist, or relationship counselor, however uses her own life experiences, intuition and spiritual teachings to guide her when passing on general advice. Maria Elita’s personal sessions are also NOT a generic ‘psychic reading’ or ‘spirit mediumship’, however they are a combination of her intuitive abilities, self-development practices and guided spiritual knowledge to assist you in an ethical and heartfelt way. The Crystal Bed (created by Maria Elita) is a channeled ‘crystal energy altar’ offering clientele an opportunity to experience a spiritual energy process. This process is unique to the individual and each experience may be varied. Maria Elita does NOT make any claims that she or The Crystal Bed cure illness or heal physical, emotional or mental ailments, nor does she claim to perform healing Miracles while using The Crystal Bed. In saying this, we encourage all clients to seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner for all health issues. Lastly, Maria Elita does NOT accept responsibility for your choices and any actions you take during or after a session as these sessions are ‘GENERAL GUIDANCE’ only. We strongly advise you seek professional advice from a qualified expert for specific assistance. If you are struggling with depression or mental health issues, please contact an expert in this field, or seek information from organisations like and

If you have any doubts of concerns about Maria Elita, The Crystal Bed or related Miracle Coaching services, ffor more information please go to: or contact us at “


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Now Available – Crystal Bed Meditation Mats




.. for those of you who’d like to have The Crystal Bed Energy Experience at home, and every single day!!!



Available NOW, and with the purchase of each Miracle Mat you will also receive as a BONUS:

Maria Elita’s MANIFESTING MIRACLES online Miracle Program (valued at $97)

The online program includes:

    • The 5 Universal Miracle Laws
    • 17 Video Lectures to help you Manifest Miracles
    • Daily Miracle Plan
    • Miracle Prayers
    • Maria Elita’s Daily MIRACLE MEDITATION mp3
    • Maria Elita’s e-SURRENDER JOURNAL

BUY NOW $197

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DEEP SEA BLUE (Dark Blue). SKY BLUE (Light Blue). FOREST GREEN (Green).

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So what does your CRYSTAL BED MAT have that makes it so special?miracle-mat-meditation-kids

*Embedded into the border of each mat are 46 Quartz Crystals (Rose Quartz – Love Stone AND Clear Quartz – Clearing Stone).

*Each Meditation Mat is ATTUNED to Maria Elita’s World World Famous Crystal Bed.

*The Crystals within the mat create a High Energy Quartz Grid, perfect for spiritual healing, energy clearing, surrender release, manifestation and meditation practices.

*Each mat is energetically attuned to Maria Elita’s  World Famous Crystal Bed.

*The PATENTED mats are 100% Australian Designed, 100% Australian Made, 100% Hand-Made with LOVE.

*They are purposely compact in design for easy mobile use.

*Suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

*Can help promote better sleep and enhance deeper meditation.

*Fold-able and portable slat-mat-system, carry anywhere.

*Made from water-resistant material, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (take in nature with you).

*Designed for multiple uses including, meditation, reiki, energy work, and even yoga.

*Can be used for both personal and professional use. Enhances practitioner sessions.


crystalbedsessionBUY NOW $197

(plus $23 p&h within Australia)


DEEP SEA BLUE (Dark Blue). SKY BLUE (Light Blue). FOREST GREEN (Green).

Please email to order & purchase your Miracle Meditation Mat.

Payment made via Direct Deposit or Paypal.

OVERSEAS:   email to enquire about p&h.


Each Crystal Bed Meditation Mat is hand-made and can take up 4 weeks for delivery, however your MANIFESTING MIRACLES online course will be sent to you immediately, to help you prepare for the Miracles coming your way.