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Hello Miracles

Much love and MIRACLES to you all! I want you to know my long awaited debut Oracle deck has finally arrived!

THE ATLANTIS ORACLE has been lifetimes in the making (when you read the Oracle guidebook you will understand what I mean), yet I have been working on creating this card deck on and off for over the last decade .. since I had my own life’s ‘Remembrance and Awakening’ and channeled through an Atlantean Sacred Energy Altar, which I call THE CRYSTAL BED

So if you are inquisitive about Atlantis please scroll down and read why I wrote THE ATLANTIS ORACLE, and if you feel compelled to PURCHASE YOUR COPY all you have to do is CLICK HERE, and you will be one of the first people in the world to get a signed copy direct from ME!

Miracle Be
Maria Elita 

ps: I would like to thank though my publisher Scott and Trudy King from ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING and the exclusive artist Nicolee Payne who have made this possible!


 Are you ready to Remember ..


45 Card – Oracle Deck
Written by Maria Elita – Illustrated by Nicolee Payne

An Awakening & Remembrance of the
Ancient Self serving us in Modern times’

ATLANTIS .. in Greek, Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, means “ISLAND OF ATLAS”

The question is, what sort of Island was Atlantis (if it was an island at all) and did it really exist?

What did PLATO mean when he said Atlantis ‘LAY IN FRONT OF THE PILLARS OF HERCULES‘?

Was he talking about a ‘portal’ or a ‘gateway’ that maybe he himself didn’t even know how to describe?

My name is Maria Elita, and since I was a child I have had vivid memories of this Ancient Land. Maybe this has something to do with my bloodline as my father (and generations of my family) were born on the island of Ithaca, where much mythology has been written about over the centuries.

However in my late 20’s I had a dream which changed everything! 

In the dream I was pulling a string out of my mouth and at the end of the string was a key. On the key was one word ‘Ithaki’ and there was a being that stood in front of me said, ‘Ithaki is the key to your happiness’. From that day I knew I had to go to my father’s homeland (I was born in Australia) and I did just that on my 30th year of birth.

When I got to Ithaca, my mum and I stayed at the family home on the side of a mountain in my father’s village called Exohi. From the moment I arrived the most eerie yet spectacular dreams started happening, and I was visited by spirits of the land daily. Even though I wasn’t what you would call ‘spiritually enlightened’ at the time, I knew something miraculous was about to change my life.

One morning after a night of ancient dreams and an early morning visitation by Athena, I decided to walk up to the top of the mountain on my own, and as I did clouds began to start encircling the mountain top. With each walk upward and onward I felt like the clouds were wrapping me in a mysterious vapour. When I reached the top, the clouds began to clear and I paused with a breath of awe as I  looked over the top of the world. I knew, without a doubt, I was staring out into the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

Immediately I felt called to sit at an open area near a very old church with a bell-tower which over looked the forever of Earth.  It was at this exact time I had a full body experience which took me back to the times of Atlantis. My modern day clothes had changed and I sat there in Atlantean robes with a ‘soul group’ (now I understand they were The Atlantean Council). With eyes wide open, I knew I was no longer in Ithaca, I was in the end days of Atlantis. I watched as the Council were discussing with Atlantean’s ‘Seer’ (Head Oracle) what was about to happen to Atlantis.

This is where my memory of what was said went hazy, and I do believe it was as if I was not allowed to remember it until many years later when I had passed my initiation. It was as if the person I was back then could not handle the truth and it was not until I could that I was given the memory in full. I cannot tell you how long I was on the mountain top when this happened, or recall the total experience in full, but I do know it changed my life forever.  Within a month of returning home, my marriage was over, I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, suffering depression and was suicidal, as everything I had ever known before Ithaca had fallen apart, and no longer was I the person I thought I was.

Within a few months I did went to do the unthinkable and set out to kill myself. I planned to jump from a bridge and end the pain. Maybe this was all planned and was part of the plan, as at the brink of the most insane part of my life, and in that moment of attempting to end my life, a Miracle happened. I was saved by an invisible force that took away the pain and suffering, and all I was left was peace, love and acceptance. This you could say was an enlightening experience, and one I most welcomed in the void of my endarkment!

At the time of the Miracle, I knew I needed to stay on the planet and tell people about Miracles. I knew I needed to also create the Atlantean Crystal Bed that was haunting my dreams. And I knew that many people wouldn’t understand, but I didn’t care anymore. Maria who once was, was no more, and I had to be ME, the truth of who I have always been – but had forgotten while trying to be somebody else.

More than a decade on, The Atlantean Crystal Bed has had thousands of people experience her energy, and they too have had accessed memories of Atlantis, as well as other Ancient lands. It has only been recently shown to me that I must now also share with the world all I know about Atlantis, however not from the mere perspective of mythology, but from the intimacy of my memories.  In saying this, I know I am not the only one who remembers Atlantis, as there have been many thousands of people feel a calling to this legendary civilization that is permeated with mystery and secrets that maybe until now, have not been meant to be revealed.

So maybe there is this deep knowing for you to awaken Atlantean memory within you too. All I know is that I can no longer deny my ancestory, nor diminish it by simply labelling it as ‘mythology’ or a ‘fable’ .. because what if, yes what if, Atlantis is ready to awaken once more?

And so it is ..

Maria Elita



All copies purchased directly from ME will be autographed & include a BONUS Rose Quartz Crystal attuned to




  • Maybe you too have had feelings of living in Atlantis?
  • Maybe you too have a memory of the Crystal Beds of Atlantis?
  • Maybe you too have a deep memory of Atlantean Sacredness?
  • Maybe you too have a calling to remember an Ancient world?
  • Maybe you too have remembrance of Atlantis Crystal Technology?
  • Maybe you too have a familiar stirring in your heart that Atlantis is about to Awaken once more?